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09/09/2019 - 30/09/2020

Your new House at Gardalake

September 9, 2019 

Today begins a new adventure at the Verdi Garden. 

The decision to close the hotel for a major renovation has matured over the years and finally today is the big day. 

I decided to renovate the whole house. Many domade, one of them: restructure or demolish and rebuild?

The Verdi Garden was born in the 1940s, when my grandfather Carlo, a native of Mantua, fell in love with Riva del Garda and decided to move with his family to the waters of Benaco.

With his sisters Pia and Angiola, his wife Bruna and a few suitcases, they embarked on this new adventure. 

Bruna and Carlo first rented the property. The grandmother, a good Mantuan, was in the kitchen and the restaurant immediately became one of the most popular meeting places in the town. 

The central location, near the lake and gardens was also a strong point of the activity and the adjacent courier station allowed grandparents to buy the house and also begin the construction of the rooms. 

In the 1980s there was the first generational transition and my parents continued to run the hotel. 

They renovated again and expanded rooms and common spaces.

And now it's my turn. 

The decision to demolish and rebuild was not easy at all. I think I've been thinking about it and thinking about it for over 5 years.

The hardest part was emptying the whole house, especially the attic that was full of memories of a lifetime. I couldn't throw anything away, it's all stowed in storage.

I donated the kitchen and the cold rooms to the Mato Grosso association. They promised me they would serve a mission to Africa that helps mothers and children.

Ditto for the blankets and tablecloth, the tablecloths and the bar.

I kept all the historical pieces that accompanied my infamy and the history of the hotel: you will find them scattered here and there in the new house :-)

This is a brief summary of what happened from September to the present. But there's a lot of things I haven't told you.

I will write again, with all the details and keep you updated. 

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Stay tuned, G 

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