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scopri le nostre

Riva and Torbole come alive


In these days there was the Sports Festival here in Riva, where all sports meet ... but above all where the whole town gathers.

There were lots of children in our streets and they never stopped! There were stands of all kinds os sports; from waters one, such as sailing and windsurfing, to mountain sports, such as climbing. But don't forget all the other classic sports, like grass hockey, football, rubgy, volleyball and dance. In addition, took place activities such as pilates, exercises with firefighters, course of first intervention and there was even an outdoor gym!
Personally I enjoyed it a lot and I came home tired.

But it didn't end here, the next day in Torbole there would have been fireworks. But they were not the usual one. They were accompanied with music. The result was magnificent. The fireworks created a magical atmosphere.
From my position I could even notice some smiles from the combination of various fires.
Unfortunately they lasted only 20 minutes, I would have been there to see them again for a few hours. I can't wait to see them again!

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