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For you who love sport like me, the lake is energy, adrenaline, challenge, emotion.

Every day many people venture into the waters of Garda. There are those who prefer to stay on the shores to sunbathe; but I'm not so. I love the bond that is created between me and the lake when I challenge the wind with my windsurf. How many times I fell into the water at the beginning! Fortunately, the fantastic instructors who followed me were super patient and each time they helped me to start over with more grit than before. Now I can't stop

Not to mention instead how beautiful it is to discover new beaches, reached in balance on a table, between a paddle and the other !!! Have you ever gone out in sup or canoe in the calm waters of Lake Garda? No!? Go in the morning, when the wind is still sleeping, everything is quieter and the silence is king. If you are already an expert and you want to try something more, sailing is for you! Constant winds, ad hoc structures and a perfect climate make our Lake the best place to let you dart at full speed.

This year, however, I decided not to settle so easily ... why stay on the surface when even the seabed holds great surprises? I discovered that on the bottom of our Lake Garda there are numerous secrets that only the most daring will manage to discover! Of course, the water is a bit cold and diving is not so easy, but the organized courses are fantastic!

What are you still doing lying there on the lakeshore?  I've already worn the wetsuit!

See you in the water.

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