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scopri le nostre




it's me, Enea the intern.

It's been a week since I started working here and I adapted very quickly.

During these seven days I’ve learned to do a lot of things, such as inserting new bookings, canceling reservations, interacting with guests, serving tables, etc.

I can say that I am improving every hour that passes, I like what I am doing because I am testing my skills.

Few days ago, Georgia, knowing me, instructed me to improve the website. She knows that I am very good with these things, but the blog has been created by she and Sophia. Together we talked about things to change and not, we hope it gets better and better!

On Saturday our new uniforms arrived, we boys have a dark green short-sleeved shirt, while the girls have a short-sleeved shirt, black or white with flowers and I like them very much.

Stay tuned!

See you in the next days



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