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I'm Enea, the new intern.

Georgia decided that in these days Sophia has to assist me. She is the secretary who immediately explained to me about her job (she goes a bit fast and is difficult to follow, but she’s helpful and nice).

In these first four days I met the staff. In the kitchen, Mina commands and if you don't go to eat when food is ready, she goes on a rampage, but she's like a grandmother who cook for the whole family (the food is delicious); then there is Sanja, the bartender / waitress, she doesn’t talk much, but as a good bartender she is always busy; Elena instead does a bit of everything, she helps in the kitchen and lays the tables and makes the cleaning. Sometimes, in the evening, Emauele and Gregorio come to help. They serve the dishes and take the orders. These days I have helped them too.

Finally, there are the owners: Georgia, whom I mentioned earlier, and Mr. Mauro who oversee everything and everyone.

I adapted very quickly, the atmosphere here is familiar and the hotel’s very beautiful and modern.

I'm happy to help everyone, so I can learn so many different things during this fantastic experience.

I will try to keep you updated in the coming days.

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