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Surely you've heard about the Ponale path, a perfect mix of sport and breathtaking views of Lake Garda.

It is a privileged destination, loved by locals and visitors who want to enjoy the landscape, surrounded by nature.

I love doing it in the morning, especially early, when nobody has woken up yet and the lake and the road are all just for me.

Of course, early in the morning it is quite windy, because as you know, the Pelèr is always on time and always blows from north to south. But what a clean air !!!

If you are tired you can stop at the bar, halfway, for a coffee. Francesca does it very good. Recharged and then immediately restart to reach the church of S. Georgio in Pregasina, but even earlier to reach the beautiful road of the Madonna del Lago. There you can take selfies at 360 °: amazing.

Everything is still like in the past, there are still stone fountains where the ladies used to wash their clothes.

If you have the whole day I suggest that you continue and reach Punta Larici, about an hour's walk. I assure you that when you reach the top, you will no longer know if the little breath will be for the walk or for the beautiful view of the wonderful lake.

I once ventured out and took the path that led me to Limone sul Garda. I was a bit reckless because it's not a path for everyone and that time I was with my three little children.

This route is very exposed and not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo, but we managed it very well. When you arrive in Limone you can take the boat and return to Riva.

Back at the hotel I enjoyed the snack, because besides being very tired, we were hungry and the fresh cakes that Mina prepares every morning were our prize.

Next time I'll take you with me to the Brione.




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